The last training of the FLOW project took place from 15th to 19th May 2023 in the city of Estepona, Spain. This training is aimed at students from the institutions that make up this project.

15 th May

EOI Estepona has started this training on the day of the celebration of San Isidro Labrador together with Erasmus+ students from Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Czech Republic of our project “FLOW: FUN, LEARNING, OPPORTUNITIES, WELFARE” (2020-1-ES01-KA204-083267).
This first icebreaker activity has served to get to know each other and explain the contents of this week.
A day in which we have been able to show the customs of such a deeply rooted festivity in Estepona.
We have also received the visit of the different councillors of the Estepona town hall to welcome our group.
It couldn’t have been a better start to the Erasmus+ week!!!!

Thanks to @adialphaphoto for most of the pictures.

16 th May

We kicked off the second day of our thrilling week with the Erasmus+ students by embarking on a captivating adventure-filled gymkhana that took us through the vibrant streets of Estepona. Led by our dynamic teachers, Laura Sánchez and Alberto Gutiérrez, this interactive activity was conducted entirely in English, allowing us to explore and acquaint ourselves with the breathtaking flowered streets, awe-inspiring murals, captivating sculptures, grand avenues, and, of course, the magnificent new Mirador del Carmen building.

As we gathered in anticipation, our teachers set the stage for an immersive experience, igniting our curiosity and sparking our enthusiasm. Divided into teams, we eagerly awaited the challenges and clues that awaited us, ready to unravel the secrets of Estepona’s cultural and architectural treasures.

With our hearts pounding and adrenaline coursing through our veins, we embarked on a quest like no other. The gymkhana presented us with a series of riddles, puzzles, and tasks that required both mental agility and teamwork. Each clue revealed a hidden gem, uncovering fascinating stories behind Estepona’s artistic wonders.


In the afternoon session, the students eagerly participated in a captivating and interactive Spanish class designed for beginners, led by the skilled and enthusiastic teacher, Juan Ortiz. Throughout the engaging two-hour session, the students were able to acquire fundamental concepts and practical knowledge of the Spanish language. This newfound understanding will undoubtedly prove invaluable as they navigate their way through various everyday situations during their stay in our vibrant municipality.

Following a short but refreshing break, the students eagerly immersed themselves in an exhilarating English class, guided by the experienced and dynamic duo of Desi López and Laura Sánchez. The focal point of the class was a thrilling virtual “Escape Room” game, carefully crafted to challenge the students’ problem-solving abilities while simultaneously enhancing their English language skills. With minds astir, the students eagerly embarked on a quest to unravel the intriguing mystery that lay before them, drawing upon their linguistic prowess and collaborative spirit.

Moreover, the English class provided the perfect platform for the students to engage in a range of oral expression activities that seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools, the students enthusiastically participated in interactive discussions, engaging debates, and creative presentations, thereby fostering their ability to express themselves fluently and confidently in the English language.

Overall, the afternoon session proved to be a fruitful and transformative learning experience, equipping the students with essential language skills in both Spanish and English. Through immersive and technology-enhanced activities, they not only acquired practical linguistic competencies but also developed critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future endeavors.

17th May

On the third exciting day of our eventful week with the Erasmus+ students, we commenced the day’s activities with a captivating reading comprehension session in English. Guided by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, Ana Flores and Juan Ortiz, the students embarked on a unique and immersive experience that took them to the breathtaking Carmen Thyssen gardens, renowned for their magnificent display of flora.

The focal point of this engaging activity was centered around the enchanting world of orchids, one of nature’s most fascinating and diverse plant species. Equipped with their insatiable curiosity and technology-driven approach, the students set out on a quest to explore and unravel the secrets of these captivating flowers. To enhance the learning experience, the teachers ingeniously incorporated QR codes, transforming the gardens into an educational treasure hunt.

Excitement filled the air as the students eagerly ventured through the picturesque gardens, carefully scanning QR codes strategically placed amidst the lush greenery. Each code revealed a carefully curated piece of information about orchids, providing the students with a deeper understanding of their history, significance, and captivating beauty. Immersed in this interactive and multisensory learning experience, the students not only honed their reading comprehension skills but also developed a profound appreciation for the natural world and its diverse wonders.

As they delved deeper into the realm of orchids, the students engaged in lively discussions and exchanged insights, further enriching their understanding of these fascinating plants. They were encouraged to ask questions, share personal anecdotes, and express their thoughts and opinions, fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

The combination of the picturesque surroundings, the thrill of the scavenger hunt, and the engaging content stimulated the students’ intellectual curiosity and sparked their desire to delve further into the realm of nature and its wonders. This immersive experience not only enhanced their English language skills but also instilled in them a deep appreciation for the importance of biodiversity and environmental conservation.

As the morning session drew to a close, the students were brimming with newfound knowledge, enriched by their exploration of the Carmen Thyssen gardens and their fascinating encounter with the captivating world of orchids. This unique learning experience provided them with invaluable linguistic skills, cultural awareness, and a profound connection with nature, ensuring that their Erasmus+ journey would leave an indelible mark on their personal and academic growth.

In the afternoon session, the esteemed Official Language School of San Roque, the coordinating entity behind the groundbreaking project titled “FLOW: FUN, LEARNING, OPPORTUNITIES, WELL-BEING” (2020-1-ES01-KA204-083267), graced our presence. Their visit entailed an array of captivating and transformative workshops focused on the intricate realm of emotional intelligence. Led by a team of accomplished facilitators, these workshops delved deep into the multifaceted dimensions of human emotions, offering invaluable insights and tools for personal growth and well-being.

The first workshop, “Developing Emotional Intelligence,” was masterfully conducted by the experienced and insightful Isabel Domínguez. Through thought-provoking discussions, interactive exercises, and introspective reflections, the participants were guided on a journey of self-discovery and emotional awareness. By understanding and nurturing their own emotions, they gained valuable insights into fostering healthy relationships, effective communication, and personal resilience.

Following this empowering session, the engaging workshop titled “Behaviour vs. Identity” was skillfully facilitated by the dynamic Laura Vázquez. This thought-provoking exploration delved into the intricate interplay between one’s external behavior and internal identity. Through a blend of theory, group discussions, and practical activities, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the factors shaping their behaviors and learned strategies to align their actions with their authentic selves.

The next workshop, “Support vs. Help,” led by the compassionate María José Pocero, provided a profound exploration of the dynamics of support and assistance. Through interactive role-playing scenarios, group exercises, and open dialogues, the participants learned to differentiate between offering genuine support and imposing help upon others. They acquired valuable skills to empower and uplift individuals without undermining their autonomy or personal growth.

As the afternoon progressed, the participants eagerly engaged in the enlightening workshop, “Interpretation vs. Fact,” helmed by the esteemed director of EOI San Roque, Marián Díaz. This immersive session shed light on the pivotal distinction between interpreting situations and facts. Through case studies, critical analysis, and collaborative problem-solving, the participants honed their ability to discern between subjective interpretations and objective realities, fostering clarity of thought and effective decision-making.

The workshops organized by the Official Language School of San Roque were a resounding success, leaving an indelible impact on the participants. As they departed, their minds brimming with newfound knowledge and personal insights, they carried with them a heightened sense of emotional intelligence, armed with tools to navigate life’s challenges and foster meaningful connections.

This collaborative exchange between our project and the Official Language School of San Roque epitomizes the spirit of “FLOW,” encapsulating the fusion of fun, learning, opportunities, and well-being. As we bid farewell to our esteemed guests, we express our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable contributions and the profound impact they have made on our collective journey. We look forward to future collaborations and endeavors, as we continue to strive for personal growth, intercultural understanding, and the pursuit of excellence.

18th May

On the fourth exhilarating day of our transformative project titled “FLOW: FUN, LEARNING, OPPORTUNITIES, WELL-BEING” (2020-1-ES01-KA204-083267), the participating students embarked on a captivating journey of cultural exploration, immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Spanish customs and traditions. Despite the inclement weather that engulfed our city, this day proved to be a resplendent celebration of the rich heritage that defines our region.

To commence this immersive cultural experience, the students engaged in a gamified activity conducted in English, led by the skilled and passionate teacher, Juan Ortiz. Powered by the interactive platform Kahoot, the students embarked on a virtual expedition, venturing through the enchanting corners of our region. Through an exciting series of quizzes, they delved into the depths of our region’s historical monuments, unraveled the secrets of traditional dishes, and familiarized themselves with the vibrant festivities that grace our community throughout the year. This gamified adventure not only enriched their knowledge of Spanish culture but also honed their English language skills, infusing the learning process with an element of excitement and friendly competition.

Following this engaging exploration, the students eagerly participated in a captivating flamenco workshop led by the renowned flamenco dancer, Inma Gil. As the rhythmic beats reverberated through the room, the students immersed themselves in the passionate and soul-stirring world of flamenco. Under the expert guidance of Inma Gil, they were introduced to the intricate footwork, expressive hand movements, and the emotive power of this iconic Spanish dance form. The workshop provided a platform for the students to not only embrace the physicality of flamenco but also delve into its historical and cultural significance. Their spirits soared as they tapped into the essence of this art form, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds.

Concluding this enriching day, the students eagerly gathered for an Activa tu inglés class led by the esteemed teacher, Ana Flores. With a focus on developing their oral skills, this session provided a nurturing environment for the students to express themselves confidently in English. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and role-playing exercises, they harnessed their linguistic abilities, fostering fluency and proficiency in the language. The class served as a springboard for the students to communicate effectively, exchange ideas, and embrace cultural diversity, nurturing their global outlook and fostering intercultural understanding.


As the rain poured outside, the participating students immersed themselves in a world of cultural discovery, where language, dance, and camaraderie intertwined to create an unforgettable experience. This immersive day not only deepened their understanding of Spanish culture but also fostered a sense of appreciation for diverse customs and traditions. The project “FLOW: FUN, LEARNING, OPPORTUNITIES, WELL-BEING” (2020-1-ES01-KA204-083267) continues to provide a platform for these students to flourish academically, personally, and culturally, ensuring that their Erasmus+ journey leaves an indelible mark on their lives for years to come.

19th May

As the mobility program for the students of our esteemed project, FLOW – 2020-1-ES01-KA204-083267, draws to a close, we reflect upon the incredible journey we have embarked upon with participants hailing from the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Spain. The culmination of this transformative experience was marked by a momentous event—the solemn delivery of diplomas in the picturesque setting of Padre Manuel Park, nestled in the heart of Estepona.

Over the course of five enriching days, the participating students were immersed in a whirlwind of cultural activities and language classes that pushed the boundaries of conventional learning. Embracing the power of computer tools and mobile applications, these innovative pedagogical tools became their trusted companions in the quest to develop their language skills. From interactive language-learning applications to virtual communication platforms, the students eagerly embraced the ever-evolving landscape of technology, harnessing its potential to enhance their linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness.

EOI Estepona, as the gracious host of this remarkable event, unveiled to the awe-struck participants the endless possibilities of utilizing new technologies in language learning. Through meticulously crafted lessons, engaging workshops, and hands-on activities, the students were empowered to unlock their full potential in a digital era. From language immersion through virtual reality simulations to collaborative language exchange projects facilitated by online platforms, the students were exposed to a multitude of tools and techniques that transcended traditional teaching methodologies.

As the program drew to a close, the participants’ hearts brimmed with gratitude for the invaluable experiences and lifelong connections forged during their time together. With a bittersweet farewell, the students bid adieu to their newfound friends and mentors, carrying with them a profound appreciation for the transformative power of intercultural exchanges.

With hope in our hearts, we wish all participants a safe and fulfilling journey back to their respective countries, cherishing the memories and lessons imprinted on their souls. The conclusion of this mobility program is not the end, but merely a new beginning—a catalyst for future endeavors, collaborations, and reunions. As we part ways, we eagerly anticipate the day when our paths will converge once again, fostering a global community bound by a shared passion for learning, growth, and cultural understanding.

Until we meet again, dear participants, may your individual journeys be filled with triumphs, new discoveries, and endless opportunities.